Full House Casino
2016-09-30 10:42:01

Q1:How do I top-up/recharge my chips?

(Android System:Game ID is on the lower right corner of the Option Window, and Pay ID is on the left of the Game ID)

A:Login to game, go to shop, and tap on the amount of chips you want. You may top-up/recharge chips with Google Play and iTunes. Both stores accept credit card payment. We also support other payment method such as Paypal, Gash, Mycard, and Mol. If you wish to top-up/recharge your chips via other payment method, you may use our “Full House Wallet” payment service at   http://fhcwallet.memoriki.com/ .

(IOS SystemGameID is located on lower right corner of the setting window. Pay ID shares the same ID as Game ID)

Q2:Why couldn’t I receive chips after paying through Google Wallet?

A:You may try the following steps:

Open the game top-up page (tap on + sign) and you will findUnfinished Transaction Button on the bottom row. Tap on the Unfinished Transactionbutton, and then tap on Unclaimed Transaction to retrieve your chips

Or you may tap on any items in shop to open Google Wallet. Please note that it is not necessary to tap on Confirm Payment. For your own safety, please make sure to set required password for each paymentto avoid any accidental purchases. If you have not received any items upon purchase, please contact our customer service with your Game ID and Pay ID

You may view your Game ID in Option. The Game ID starts with either [email protected] or [email protected]
Q3:How do I get the Premium Membership?

A:You can find the membership by tapping on shop and sliding your screen to the right. Player who has purchased the Premium Membership will be eligible to claim the special bonus daily reward and gain 30% bonus xp for 30 days.

Q4:Can I exchange chips to cash or transfer chips to my friends?

A:Full House Casino Chips are neither exchangeable nor transferable

Q5:Can I switch my account to other devices?

A:You can switch your account interchangeably between iOS and Android devices by using Facebook Login. However, same account cannot be logged into simultaneously by two or more devices

Q6:How do I remove my Facebook account linked to my mobile device and bind my device with other Facebook account?

A:You can remove the linked Facebook account by clearing browse history on your preset browser(Chrome for example), or by logging out your linked account in Facebook app. Once you have done either way, you can link your other Facebook account in our game.

Q7:How do I clear Cache on Android device?

A:You may go to SettingApplication ManagerFull House CasinoClear Cacheto clear Cache.